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Get new knowledge with AI-powered conversation interface software

MetaDialog personalized digital assistants for schools, adult learning centers, or workshop organizers provide intelligent assistance to students and staff by answering questions and automating basic processes.

Recurring questions from current or potential students concerning curriculum, course content, timelines, financial aspects, etc., put additional strain on staff every semester, but there is a solution. 

Just upload the database to our product to create a unique knowledge library, and the bot will quickly prompt the user with the answer to his question, and the client will not need the participation of support staff.

Benefits of the MetaDialog Conversational AI

Effective study guide

Students and other stakeholders can use digital assistants 24/7 to learn more about courses, tutors, events, university admissions rules, etc. In addition, chatbots through websites or messengers are a relevant communication channel for such a target audience.

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Active provision of data

A chatbot or voice assistant can answer frequently asked questions and actively provide essential information. It lets you easily and quickly communicate news about objects, events, short and long-term changes, etc.

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Bright competitive advantage

Avoid the risk of a churn of potential students who are fed up with reviewing the vast amount of information on your website. Instead, improve your online presence with popular and effective communication channels for your target audience.

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What Metadialog AI engine offers

Multi-channel text or voice platform

Full customer service integration

Personal AI to improve dialogues

Conversations industry modules and templates

Ability to connect to internal and external data sources

Easy operation, no code platform

Hundreds of self-service apps

Good chance to create a vast library of knowledge


One platform to store all information


View student profiles

You can browse the student's major, graduation year, and payment status when you open a chat.


Monitor Behavioral Data

Control student activity on your platform and collect data and trends using custom data attributes.


Student segmentation

Choose which students receive messages based on their activity data.

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