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Get your own Large Language Models and Conversational AI based on your data, even on-premises.

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Improve Your Business With MetaDialog AI Conversation Tools

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SMB AI Support Platform

Automate 87% of your customer support conversations in 1 hour.

Get secure multilingual customer support AI for your business, seamlessly integrated with your customer support software.

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Enterprise AI Support Platform

Integrate Generative AI into your business processes.

Deploy Generative AI at scale for your business cases, fully customizable for you tools and policies.

base llm

Custom LLM

Get your own Large Language Model. Even on-premise.

Secure, private and compliant models’ training, with all up-to-date knowledge, replying instantly. Fast and cost-effective deployment.

Test the Chatbot

Try MetaDialog technology, ask any question about our company, and get immediate answers, you can even ask the bot to schedule a demo meeting for you!

Best-In-Class Language Models

MetaDialog provides the best search models for securely finding relevant content, and the most enhanced language models for precise and compliant responses.


Our top-notch retrieval model lets you find the relevant information you need lightning fast.

Large Language Model (LLM)

Our Arabic-English language model is more advanced than GPT 3.5, and on a par with GPT 4, based on an extensive range of benchmarks.

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Why MetaDialog?

Data Privacy

Your sensitive data never leaves your trusted environment. We ensure maximum data privacy with all solutions GDPR-compliant.


Our AI platform enables you to seamlessly connect data from different sources, including APIs, websites, databases, CRMs, and more.


We offer cutting-edge models that can use your data to give accurate and precise answers without any misinterpretation or failure.


Fine-tune AI to follow your guidelines and ensure stress-free compliance with internal company policy.

API or On-Premises

Use our platform through your API, or install our language models fully on-premises, ensuring your data stays secure and never leaves your environment.

Fast and Cost-Effective

Our platform empowers you to build and deploy intelligent solutions cost-effectively, reducing both implementation time and expenditure.

Save 87% of your customer support costs in 1 hour with MetaDialog

Automate 87% of Your Customer Support

Case Studies

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