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Best practices to increase customer engagement with Conversational AI from MetaDialog

Digital assistant MetaDialog helps you retain existing customers and attract new clients by sending one-time messages or organizing a full-fledged integrated campaign that encourages customers to take action inside and outside your application.

AI engine offers such options to interact with buyers:



You can keep users informed with helpful messages and virtual product demonstrations while increasing customer satisfaction and retention.



Update and announce additional features in your app, outside your app, and wherever your customers are. You will increase the implementation of features, the number of event subscriptions, etc.



You may send contextual surveys to your customers to get information about where they prefer to perform their activities — on the web, on mobile devices, or in your app. Then automatically implement those ideas.


Proactive support

Proactively offer product tips, updates, and insights, resolving customer issues before they arise. It's an excellent option to increase the level of loyalty.



Remember to send customers emails and mobile push messages to get them back to your product, or use targeted in-app messages to enjoy certain useful features again.

Be always in touch with customers, wherever they are.

For in-product messages most popular variants of the communication:

Chats and posts

Share automated messages in quick private conversations or use attention-grabbing messages to inform customers of important updates.

Product tours

Guide customers through your app with step-by-step messages for a superior experience.


Grow your customer base with bots that answer common questions, gather helpful information about customers, and more.

Reach out to your customers

without disturbing them: fully customizable banners work well at the top or bottom of your app or website.

In-app surveys

Collect and automatically process the most valuable customer data.

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Work with mobile devices includes:


Push notifications

Help you bring inactive customers back to your app or share new features and promotions.


Mobile carousels

Communicate updates, request app permissions, and offer promotions with fully customizable mobile screens that match the look and feel of your app.


Mobile surveys

Send contextual surveys to your customers whether they are on your desktop or mobile site. We help you connect with buyers in the most suitable way and automatically act on your findings.

Techniques for customer engagement through email

Email image


Send personalized and automated emails as a one-off or as part of an ongoing campaign.

Fallback messages image

Fallback messages

Ensure that messages within the product still reach your customers even when offline.

Email Surveys image

Email Surveys

Send surveys via email and then save customer responses to learn more about them.

Dynamic Content image

Dynamic Content

Increase customer engagement by sending targeted, personalized emails.

The core functionality of an AI engine scalable for your business


Create cohesive messages across multiple channels, inside and outside your app, using MetaDialog's visual campaign builder.

Split testing

Test individual posts or whole series to see which types of campaigns are the most effective.

Advanced targeting

Target customers based explicitly on who they are and how they interact with your product and messages.

Apps & Integrations

Utilize apps in your posts to collect data like NPS and connect the MetaDialog to the rest of your tech stack with our prebuilt integrations.

Advantages of using MetaDialog AI for customer engagement

Instant One-on-One Responses

Quick problem-solving assistance and effective guidance will keep your customers happy and returning.

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Customers like personalization

Chatbots remember answers and quickly process large amounts of data. Customer details and history are easily loaded into CRM systems, which means your chatbot will speak to customers by name and with background knowledge.

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The chatbot
is easy to integrate

The flexible infrastructure of digital assistants means they are easy to integrate with other channels to increase engagement.

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Thanks to our digital assistant, you will be able to attract more customers inside or outside your application.

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