About Us

Our mission is to make things simple and fun with MetaDialog. Imagine having a super smart robot friend that knows all the answers and can help you out when you need it. MetaDialog is just like that for customer support teams.

We designed MetaDialog with one major goal: to help customer service teams quickly and correctly answer all the questions users might ask. With MetaDialog on their side, these teams can make users super happy by solving their problems in a jiffy.

Our promise is to keep on making MetaDialog better and smarter, so customer service teams can rely on an awesome robot friend that is always ready to lend a hand when things get tricky. All this, just to keep the users smiling!

Who We Are

We are a team of talented AI engineers striving to make AI solutions accessible for every business, based on custom data.

About us

Eliyahu Braginsky

Founder and CEO

Masters in Software Engineering from the University of Oxford, with a thesis on AI. A self-taught programmer from the age of 12, Eliyahu launched his first software development startup at 17. AI is his passion.

About us

Ogul Can

Head of AI

PhD in AI and Natural Language Processing. World-class understanding of AI training and scaling.

About us

Andrey Tsivyna


Superstar developer with 11+ years of coding experience. Andrey started his journey into software development at just 11 years old and coded his first website at 12.

Case Studies

Save 87% of your customer support costs in 1 hour with MetaDialog

Automate 87% of Your Customer Support