Custom-Built AI for Your Retail Business

Get your secure custom-tailored Large Language Model, even on-premises

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Use Cases

Automate Customer Support

Use your website data, your knowledge base and internal data to answer user questions automatically.

Auto Customer Processes

Enable customers to perform common tasks automatically, manage their subscriptions, get details about orders, and more.

Product Recommendations

Ensure your customers to get personalized recommendations based on their specific needs.


Streamlined Content Management

Our Large Language Models (LLMs) generate compelling product descriptions, ad copy and more, taking your content management to the next level. We don’t just automate – we redefine creativity.

Deep Insights

Understand your customers like never before. Analyze with AI tools data sets – from support tickets to product information, identify trends and hidden gems that can improve business strategy and enhance customer service.

Empowered Human Decision-Making

Our human-centric approach combines the best of AI and the human touch. While the AI takes care of the complex tasks, your team can focus on providing a more personalized and interactive customer experience.

Intelligent Catalog Integration

Seamlessly integrate your product catalog and customer graph data. Our AI-driven platform makes linking and using these disparate data sources both fast and intuitive, paving the way for smarter business decisions.

Dynamic Personalized Product Search

Customers want personalized experiences. Our MetaDialog AI solution enables real time, personalized product searches based on user preferences and behavior, turning every customer interaction into a unique opportunity.

Predictive Inventory Management

Control stock levels with our predictive AI. By analyzing sales trends and speeding up reordering processes for out-of-stock products, you will see a massive improvement in inventory management and a reduction in overhead costs.

Enhanced Customer Support

Our AI engine automates responses to common customer inquiries, provides real time support, and learns from each interaction, improving over time to boost the overall customer experience.

Omnichannel Marketing Capabilities

Give your customers the power to choose a channel for communication. Our AI platform offers a unified view across all marketing channels, analyzing performance and optimizing strategies to drive conversion and retention rates.

Case Studies

Save 87% of your customer support costs in 1 hour with MetaDialog

Automate 87% of Your Customer Support