Secure and Compliant AI for Governments

Get your secure, compliant custom large language model, even on-premises

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Use Cases

Citizen Services Automation

Automate services like licensing, taxes and fines, and answer questions about government functions.

Decision-Making Support

Help government employees plan and answer difficult questions relating to government material.

Content Creation

Enable top government officials to generate and ideate securely, without anyone spying on their usage.


Crisis Management

Our AI solution can help you manage crises more effectively. By collecting and analyzing relevant data, you get real time insights that enable you to immediately respond to and navigate the emergencies.

Data Privacy

From social security numbers to health records, protecting your data is stress-free with MetaDialog. We guarantee top-notch data security with complete user control, allowing you to breathe easier.


Our AI platform accommodates diverse data types and use-cases, ensuring that flexible Large Language Models (LLMs) are customized to your needs, a far cry from restrictive public LLMs.

Full Compliance

Our AI system not only meets, but also facilitates governmental compliance requirements, ensuring that AI-driven initiatives adhere to ethical standards and regulatory requirements, and thereby promoting transparent governance.

Up-to-Date Knowledge

Don’t settle for outdated AI models. MetaDialog ensures your LLMs are constantly updated with real time data, keeping you in the loop.

Fast and Cost-Effective

Our advanced AI offers cost-saving and immediate solutions, eliminating the need for slow and expensive external data-sharing systems.

Decision-Making Support

Decisions at government level affect millions. Our AI helps make those decisions easier and more precise, processing a vast amount of data much more quickly than any human and providing quick insights and analysis.

Improve Public Services

Boost public service delivery by automating everyday, repetitive tasks. Whether it’s automating responses to citizen inquiries or streamlining internal processes, AI will help you serve the public better.

Anticipate Public Needs

Ensure your governance is proactive, not reactive. MetaDialog AI can analyze past public trends to predict future needs, helping you to understand your citizens better and readying you to provide what they need.

Case Studies

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