Increase your conversion rates with AI-powered conversation interface software

Our AI can help you attract new customers to increase conversions and revenues like never before. All you need is a real-time chatbot.

Features of the solution from MetaDialog:

Business messenger

Focus on the needs of your platform visitors and automatically greet them with personalized messages — our bots will communicate, route, and schedule for you.

Management tools

You can customize every step of your team's workflow, such as routing conversations based on customer level or scheduling appointments based on the profile owner.

Customer data platform

It's helpful to segment your messages based on detailed visitor information and feed your sales team the data to help close the maximum number of deals.

Apps & Integrations

Automate sales functions with apps that work right out of the box and sync data across the technology stack.

How does MetaDialog impact the conversion?

Intelligent routing and lead

let your team focus on what they do best with intelligent bots and routing rules that qualify and direct your website visitors it will improve the experience for everyone.

Communicate with site visitors
in real-time

Reduce the time between intent and purchase by connecting with visitors when they are on your website and are more likely to complete their activity.

Integrate with your entire
tech stack

Connect our AI engine to multiple tools like Salesforce, Marketo, Stripe, Shopify, and more to sync data and automate workflows.

Improve your pipeline

Expand your pipeline faster with our intelligent solutions:

Connect target accounts to account holders with real-time ABM.
Identify, target, and nurture leads with our custom integrations.
Use apps inside bots to automate and personalize sales workflows.
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Main advantages of MetaDialog AI to increase your company's conversion:

The AI engine is available 24/7

The AI engine is available 24/7

It is unlikely that you have extra money you want to spend on maintaining a chat staff that works around the clock and seven days a week because this is an expensive pleasure.

Maximum efficiency

Maximum efficiency

Experts have found that conversions can be up to 400% higher if you communicate with a potential lead within the first minute. You may use a chatbot to achieve the same responsiveness by triggering form fills. Or you can use a chatbot instead of filling out forms and forget about calls altogether.

Chatbots act as a gateway to human interaction

Chatbots act as a gateway to human interaction

A third of consumers agree to use a chatbot before being transferred to a human agent. It allows you to configure the bot as a filtering system, where it answers all the basic questions, and only users with the most pressing problems are transferred to real operators.

How to implement chatbots and improve conversion rates


You need to clearly define the purpose of the chatbots on your site, as well as define the targets and target customers you are aiming for. Maybe you're looking for leads and contact requests, or you're focused on customer service or hiring.


Building great conversations with chatbots that bring value to website visitors and push them to convert. To do this, you need to know what your customers value and find interesting. The look and feel of the chatbots matched the expectations for your brand. And finally, you understand what information you need from potential customers.


Putting bots on your website is a good idea because you'll be able to collect data on what works and what doesn't. When your bots are on the site, you'll want to align your teams with the lead process so that no incoming lead or contact request slips through.

Our system will help you

Organize and categorize your leads to free up your time for other, more important things.
Reliable bots can generate leads at multiple conversion funnel stages and even after the sale.

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