Custom LLM: Your Data, Your Needs

Get your own secure, compliant, and on-premises Custom Language Models trained specifically for your business.

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Custom Language Models

MetaDialog trains state-of-the-art custom large language models on your custom data, for your specific needs. These language models can generate a response for a variety of use cases, and can even work in multiple languages. It’s like having your own, personalized ChatGPT.

What can the MetaDialog LLMs Do?

Fully understand questions in context

Answer in multiple languages

Provide state-of-the-art performance

Deploy on premises for maximum security

Receive training on your custom data

Deliver real time responses

Why MetaDialog?

Data Privacy

Trust MetaDialog to keep your sensitive data private. We safeguard what’s yours. By training a custom LLM to fit your business, we ensure your data stays under your control, and cannot be stolen.


Leverage our LLM’s flexibility and accommodate a range of data types, where limited public LLMs cannot. We ensure your LLM is specifically tailored to your use case and business data.


Avoid using inaccurate information generated by public LLMs. Get reliable results with our solution.


Navigating through the necessities of compliance is easy with our LLMs, which are fully customizable to ensure complete compliance with regulations and internal rules.

Up-To-Date Knowledge

Keep track of real time updates and stay ahead of the curve with our latest AI models. Your custom LLM knows everything about your data, and can leverage it for maximum insight.

Fast and Cost-Effective

Choose fast, cost-effective AI services, sidestepping expensive, time-consuming solutions. This is the fastest, cheapest way to deploy a custom LLM that is truly trained on your data.

Custom Semantic Search Models

MetaDialog Retriever is an advanced language model that uses a unique information processing system to deliver relevant content from a large knowledge database. The program finds and ranks relevant documents or pieces of information in response to a user query or input.

What Can the MetaDialog Retriever AI Model Do?

Fully understand questions in context

Process any data source: files, web pages, databases and third-party APIs

Process multi-vector questions

Work efficiently with any language, and with a high load

Deliver real time response

Allow for flexible customization

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Get your custom Generative AI models


Case Studies

Have Questions?

How easy is it to integrate?

Integration takes 2-5 hours, depending on how much content is available.

Do I need to code anything?

Absolutely not – the only thing you need to do is import your data into the system. The rest is done automatically.

What type of content do you support?

Any textual content can be imported, including CRMs, databases, and even simple docs.

What channels do you support?

A custom chatbot for your website, Facebook messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram, and many more!

Is it easy to switch to a conversational interface from my current chatbot?

Our system is fully automated, and integration is super easy!

How much does it cost?

We have a simple pricing model based on questions asked. Please refer to our Pricing page to learn more.

Still Have Questions?

Visit our FAQs page to learn more!

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