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Fozzy is a fast-growing hosting company that meets the needs of everyone, from industry newcomers to experienced webmasters. Its affordable and robust web hosting solutions are in demand with individuals and any-sized business in the United States, Europe and Asia.

The range of the company’s services is diverse, comprising domains, hosting, VPS, game servers, and a website builder. The team unites experts from all over the globe, using cutting-edge solutions and the most powerful servers to reach their goals. Their network performance is extremely high, with a capacity exceeding 4 Tbps, daily backups, SSD, Web server LiteSpeed, automatic vulnerability fixes, and free SSL certificates.

The Challenge

Improving the customer support service and increasing the department’s efficiency is a challenge that almost every company will face sooner or later. At first, Fozzy tried to solve the problem by optimizing their internal processes or shifting tasks. But in the long-run, such measures didn’t yield the desired results.

The team then leaned towards AI-driven solutions to enable their limited tech support team to spread their time wisely, focusing on complex inquiries and leaving easier tasks to AI.

Generative AI Technology

MetaDialog introduced Generative AI technology, which can understand, interpret, and respond to clients’ textual messages and provide precious information about customer conversations. After processing the information users most often request, we created the database for the bot’s training and workflow.

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Our chatbot can easily be scaled up or down to meet the company’s needs or customer base. By analyzing sessions, Fozzy can gain valuable insights about customer preferences and behavior, identify areas of improvement and new opportunities, and boost sales.

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The Workflow Was Divided Into The Following Stages:

Tab 1

Database preparation:

Our team gathered and prepared all textual content, including articles, scripts, manuals, and FAQs, to feed the bot.

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Bot training to answer customer questions:

We used templates to train the AI bot to give the correct information in response to requests.

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Bot implementation into the current chat service:

The main challenge was integrating a solution into the pre-existing service.

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Testing performance in a real environment with the Fozzy team:

We determined the cases when it would be necessary to forward a request to the manager, and wrote scripts to answer the standard questions.

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Debugging and upgrading:

We then debugged and upgraded the system to give more relevant answers.

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Automate 87% of Your Customer Support