Lora James

Hugh O'Neal

Lora James is an AI engineer passionate about building intelligent systems that can improve people’s lives and solve real-life problems. She has a strong technical background in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Her research interests are natural language processing and computer vision. Lora has worked on various AI projects, including developing a system that automatically generates summaries of scientific articles and building a machine learning model to identify plagiarism. She is also experienced in developing chatbots and has created a successful chatbot that helps people book hotels and plan trips. Lora is a high-class specialist with 5 years of experience in software development and AI engineering.

E-mail: james@metadialog.com

AI For Cars: Examples of AI in the Auto Industry
  • February 01, 2023

Artificial intelligence tools have become the main engine of progress in various technological areas, including the automotive sector. It now affects the way car companies build, select and operate vehicles. According to experts, the cumulative annual growth rate of AI in the automotive sector will reach 40% and by 2027 will be approximately $15.9 billion.

AI For Marketers: 10 Examples
  • January 06, 2023

Marketers use artificial intelligence techniques to make automated decisions based on data collection and analysis, monitoring target audience preferences and economic trends. AI is an indispensable element of digital marketing, where speed plays a significant role. AI-based tools use the information and accounts of clients to understand how best to communicate with customers and then

Top 7 Use Cases of AI For Banks
  • January 02, 2023

As a bank customer, does it annoy you to stand in line for hours to extend the expiration date of the passbook? Most people do their best to avoid unnecessary trips to the bank. In the modern world, you no longer need to leave your home to resolve various issues; many procedures are available virtually.

Robotics and AI
  • November 29, 2022

Robots are the first automatic machines invented by humanity. Initially, experts created robots without artificial intelligence to perform certain types of work. In recent decades, the situation has changed; specialists implement AI into robots and receive advanced technology models that successfully cope with various tasks and are amenable to learning. How does AI change robotics?

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AI for Sales: Cases
  • November 25, 2022

Artificial intelligence in sales involves using the latest technologies and analytical algorithms to automate and improve the sales process. By automating routine procedures and in-depth analysis of information about buyers, AI increases the efficiency of the sales department and the number of closed deals. Experts successfully utilize machine learning methods to predict sales volume and