The importance of marketing and support departments joint work

Hugh O'Neal
February 25, 2023
The importance of marketing and support departments joint work: image 1

Customer service is one of the most crucial components of a comprehensive marketing plan. To keep leads satisfied, a robust client service program can assist you in converting them into paying clients. According to studies, if people have a good customer experience with your service, around 80% of them will make another purchase. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the importance of customer service in marketing and guarantee that the advertising and support departments work together efficiently.

What happens if the marketing and support departments work separately?

Suppose the marketing and support departments work separately. In that case, there is a potential for communication breakdowns, where important messages or needs may not be communicated. This can lead to a lack of coordination between departments and decreased productivity. Additionally, measuring the effectiveness of marketing efforts and customer service initiatives may be difficult, as there is no unified vision or strategy in place.

Benefits of adding service objectives to your marketing strategy

What is customer service in marketing? It is the process of providing support to customers before, during, and after a purchase. Clients need to have a sense of connection with your company before they trust you. You must provide excellent service if you don’t want to splash out on expensive advertising methods. Several factors make customer service in marketing so crucial:

  • Improved statistical data processing. Connecting with the support staff is one of the most crucial actions a marketing team does to determine a target audience.
  • Client service determines whether people will positively think about your business. According to PwC, 65% of US customers consider splendid service more significant than effective advertising.
  • You can get a competitive edge. Excellent customer service has benefits beyond merely bringing in new business and keeping existing clients. Additionally, it makes you stand out from your competitors.

The marketing department should be informed of all support team activities, but this guideline applies the other way around. All previous, ongoing, and upcoming promotions ought to be known to your support staff.

Basic ways how marketing and support work together

One example of the role of customer service in marketing and their efficient teamwork is the clear responsibility that aids marketers and support personnel in using social media to accomplish goals. If you wonder what are customer service marketing initiatives, consider these examples.

Collect reviews to promote the company

Customer satisfaction should be the primary goal of any marketing campaign. You should gather client reviews for this. Your promotion staff may urge people to leave evaluations online. The following resources are used to get feedback:

  • Distributing newsletters
  • Monitoring social media
  • Create a system of rewards

A terrific complement to advertising materials is a review. According to polls, about 80% of people put more faith in online reviews than personal recommendations.

Scaling interaction with chatbots

The use of chatbot marketing is increasingly the foundation of a well-rounded and effective customer care approach. Chatbots are responsive and support or supplant the need for two-way human engagement. It lowers operational expenses and increases client loyalty.

For example, in cooperation with Jiji company, the Metadialog team combined their customer data with a natural language processing (NLP) model that helped scale chatbot interactions and optimized support service workflow. With a combination of pre-written replies and real-time dialogue that is indistinguishable from human conversation, MetaDialog’s flexible architecture made it feasible to handle even the most complex customer service automation needs, which boosted user interaction with the chatbot.

The importance of marketing and support departments' joint work

Adding live engagement tools for optimal client experience

You can enhance the customer service experience by adding live contact tools and providing interactive services via your chatbot. Interactive technologies meet consumers’ needs for a quick response to every query.

If we go back to the case study with the Jiji company, MetaDialog implemented real-time communication solutions. This allowed the chatbot to respond to x5 more queries automatically. In volume terms, each chatbot answer costs 1 cent, while the manager’s answer to the same question costs the company $1. So the benefit is obvious.

Our client now receives 81% relevant, automated, and accurate responses. The goal of the MetaDialog team is to reach an automated response rate of 90% or higher. However, the main task was reached. Due to chatbot implementation, Jiji will not expand the support staff and significantly save the budget.

Creation of original advertising campaigns

The customer support team knows whether clients like your products and whether they would like to use them in the future, in addition to basic customer information. It is feasible to prevent situations when experts promote what is least attractive to clients or does not please them by holding regular meetings between support department staff and marketers.

Search for brand advocates

Dealing with user complaints is a common task for service professionals. But occasionally, clients get in touch to express gratitude for the company’s superior job. Technical support gives the marketing division information about these users. Therefore, you can provide other clients with reviews from your brand supporters.

Defining the portrait of the ideal buyer

Marketing and support teams gain from creating a portrait of the ideal client. Combining the information and input that both teams gather will enable the company to grasp its target market precisely.

Support staff members ought to talk about their observations of the target market. Knowing your target market will help your marketing approach operate better.

Loyalty program development

A loyalty program is among the most well-liked strategies for keeping customers. Your marketers must collaborate with customer service representatives to properly educate consumers about loyalty perks, whether you’re providing them with points, discounts, or limited-edition items.

Some words about customer relationship marketing

Customer relationship management is essential to customer relationship marketing (CRM). It is a method that prioritizes long-term engagement and client loyalty over immediate objectives like user retention and personal selling. Establishing direct client contact with the brand to achieve maximum competitiveness and free external promotion are the main goals of client relationship marketing.

To provide a top-notch customer experience, support and marketing teams must highlight the crucial points of customer service definition in marketing. Both expert groups have various suggestions for enhancing their work using the other team’s efforts. Professionals must often meet to discuss concepts and opinions regarding the company’s development plan.