Clark Finley

Hugh O'Neal

Clark Finley is a security software engineer with 7 years of experience. After graduation, he worked for several companies in the tech industry before eventually entering the AI field. Clark has a background in computer science and math. He works with various programming languages and tools. He is passionate about building secure systems and keeping up with the latest research. In his current position, Clark develops AI-based security solutions. He uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to detect and defend against cyber threats. He is constantly exploring new ways to use AI to improve security protocols and keep businesses and individuals safe from harm. Outside of work, Clark enjoys spending time with his family. He also enjoys playing tennis and surfing.


8 Benefits of Using AI Chatbot in Your Healthcare Business
  • May 18, 2023

Modern-day technologies have made a significant impact on our everyday life. Look at what we got today — we do shopping without leaving home, travel across the globe, and even manage businesses via gadgets. Indeed, technologies are a game-changer as our lives have become much easier with the advancement of technology. It includes one of

Cognitive Automation: The Future for Companies
  • March 05, 2023

Businesses are using cognitive automation, the next level of process computerization, more and more. Although they are still in their infancy, cognitive process automation tools are a significant development for contemporary software. IPA reduces risks, increases quality, accelerates workflows, and decreases costs. All of this is possible with an ROI in the double- or even

Implementing сhatbot e-commerce — primary considerations
  • March 01, 2023

Many companies are now adopting bots to customize, engage, and enhance the experience of traditional customer care. One of the main objectives of retail sales has always been to encourage consumer engagement. With the aid of digital technology, a casual customer may now be converted into a purchase fast and effortlessly. Every day, users spend

Symbolic AI: Benefits and use cases
  • February 22, 2023

Artificial intelligence methods in which the system completes a job with logical conclusions are collectively called symbolic AI. Here, data is represented by mathematical formulas. Such approaches are employed if no data is available for the learning, or the job may be given as logical connections. Read the article to find out what is symbolic

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Simple Tips for Creating Top-Notch Chatbot
  • February 19, 2023

With the development of modern technologies, chatbots are quickly gaining the attention of business owners. There has been a virtual assistant development rush among big, well-known firms and startups. Moreover, the worldwide market is predicted to reach $10.08 billion by 2026. It’s time to enhance customer service, satisfy customers, and learn how to make a

Things you should know about conversational UI
  • February 09, 2023

Fast and efficient customer service is the secret of their loyalty to your brand. Conversational UI, such as chatbots and business communication in messengers, enhance customer communication while also increasing corporate profitability and consumer convenience. A conversational UI is a communication that mimics a real-world conversation. Artificial intelligence-based techniques, such as chatbot UI and voice

How To Use AI For Image Recognition
  • January 22, 2023

Artificial intelligence advances enable engineers to create software that recognizes and describes the content of photographs and videos. Previously, technology was limited to identifying individual elements in the picture. But Stanford University and Google experts have developed new software that may identify every detail in a drawing. Innovative platforms can also create precise English captions

Future Of AI For HR
  • January 18, 2023

Companies using artificial intelligence to increase HR efficiency may face an unexpected workforce division. Some job applicants are content to have their resumes reviewed by an AI-ruled virtual assistant. At the same time, other candidates worry about how artificial intelligence can influence the decision to their employment. According to SAP SuccessFactors, 25% of employees belong